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Free and confidential support is available, whatever may have happened to you.

It is important for you to feel listened to and believed, and there are many services that can provide calm, non-judgemental support and advice.

Speaking to a trained counsellor or specialist may be easier than confiding in those close to you.

If you are feeling anxious or troubled by something that has happened and you are not sure if it is sexual harm, you are doing the right thing by seeking help. Checking out our FAQ page may be useful.

If sexual violence or abuse has just happened, or you’re feeling threatened and unsafe call: 111 and ask for Police.

If you need to talk to someone immediately for emotional support, call:

Rape Crisis Hawke's Bay
24/7 support locally
0800 777 550
021 227 6622

Safe to Talk - 24/7

Safe to talk offers:

  • Contact with a trained specialist at any time, day or night, seven days a week

  • Answers to questions about sexual harm

  • Information about medical, emotional, and behavioural issues related to harmful experiences

  • Explanations of what you might expect if you report to the Police

  • Referral to specialists in your area

  • Information for family and friends wanting to help someone

  • Information and contact with a specialist if you are worried about your own sexually harmful thoughts or behaviour

  • Information on or connection/referral to medical practitioners for medical care or forensic medical examination. This can happen without police involvement or while they are making up their minds about whether to contact police.


Free call: 0800 044 334

Text: 4334

Live chat


New Zealand Police
If you are not in immediate danger, please call the police non-emergency number/line on 105, or go to your local police station. We suggest you take a trusted person with you for support.

If the sexual violence or abuse happened some time ago, it can still be reported to police. Call the police non-emergency number/line on 105, or visit your local police station. We suggest you take a trusted person with you for support.  

If you do report the crime to Police, you might find this Police booklet: Information for Victims of Sexual Assault helpful.

Financial assistance available for survivors of sexual assault - click here for more details.

Victim Support - 24/7
If the assault has happened recently and you need to talk now, you can call Victim Support's helpline 24/7 and be connected with a specialist sexual violence support provider in your community.

Free call: 0800 842 846

ACC Sensitive Claims
If you’ve experienced sexual abuse or assault, use the ACC online search tool to see the organisations that have therapists who can support you. This therapy is a free service, funded by ACC.  Or contact us if you feel safe to do so and see if we can help you.


Need to talk - 24/7
Talk to a trained counsellor who can provide brief support, give you information and strategies for presenting issues, help you develop a care plan and support you to transition to more comprehensive support.


Free call or text 1737 - confidential

Youthline is a "with youth, for youth" organisation that supports young people throughout Aotearoa New Zealand. They have been providing support to Kiwis aged between 12-24 years for more than 50 years.


Free call: 0800 376 633

Free text: 234

Male Survivors Hawke's Bay
You may have come here looking for guidance on how to support yourself or a male in your life struggling with sexual harm related trauma.


Free call: 0800 368 342


After experiencing sexual trauma, there are lots of ways your body and brain can be affected. If you don't see what you need above, or if you are unsure of what type of support you need or who to call, check out Finda Helpline below for a list of all helplines in NZ:



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